Why address the subject of Science on a church site?

The Path of Science is integral to the modern age. Technology and science affect all our lives in more or less positive ways and is here to stay. COTGW encourages the practices of sustainability, renewability, and responsibility. We must use our gifts for the benefit of future generations.

There is wonder to be found in the inner and outermost reaches of our perception. The universe in which we live is vast and mysterious and like the myths of our ancestors, science also seeks to provide answers about our world.

The following links offer insight into aspects of modern scientific inquiry. May they enlighten and inspire you.

Cells Alive

The Human Genome Project


The laws of space are known to the mind and are in the mind ... the laws of space are within us ... and a whole new mythology is implicit in this.
Joseph Campbell, The Inner Reaches of Outer Space

I remember when I was in prep school, biology was the thing that grabbed me, and now I think of mythology as a function of biology, a statement of the impulse system of the body and the organs. Not something that’s made up in the head. What’s made up in the head is the fiction. What comes out of [the heart] is a myth. These are totally different things altogether.
Joseph Campbell, The Hero’s Journey

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