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Church of the Green Wood

The Church of the Green Wood is an interfaith church open to all open-minded thinkers who wish to explore the numerous and diverse Paths to Divinity. We believe in love, the power of prayer, and that spirituality transcends religious definitions and boundaries.  We support peace and sustainability. Our objective is to engage in and promote dialog about the common themes of our spiritual experiences and practices.

Our members are spiritually, religiously, and geographically diverse. We meet on the Internet in this place beyond space, at our sanctuary in the beautiful North Georgia mountains, in restaurants, and for occasional outings during the year. The church maintains a lending library, community garden, and meditation trail.

Clergy are available to perform weddings, commitment ceremonies, baby blessings, and other spiritual ceremonies in Georgia, Florida, New York, and Western North Carolina. For more information, please email rev@churchofthegreenwood.org.





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